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Our Innovative technology has allowed us to create an atmosphere that merges both beauty and functionality

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Windows and Glass Sliding Doors

The Luxwood Building System includes windows and glass sliding doors

All Luxwood windows are double glazed iconsisting of  5mm Tempered Plate Glass +Argon filled sealed void 6mm or 9mm + 5mm Tempered Plate Glass.  They conform to the Australain standard AS2047.

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Custom Design Homes

Luxwood Kit Homes are proven to be cost-effective, innovative and environmentally friendly. In fact, the design of the homes are constructed with a focus on safety, stability, durability, fire and earthquake resistance.

Turn your dream home into reality. With our materials’ flexibility and convenience, as well as our builders’ vast experience in building all types of residential structures, Luxwood can give you limitless possibilities in constructing your home. Our team will listen and understand your vision and do our best to execute your ideas. Your amazing goals, combined with our unique solutions and dedication, will surely give rise to a stunning, comfortable, and long-lasting structure.

Any complexities in concepts will not stop us from delivering excellent results at all times. In our aim to continuously gain our clients’ trust and approval, we make our building solutions as flexible as possible. So, if you have a great idea for your new home, don’t hesitate to run it by our team and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

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The PHE Luxwood Screw Piles are used as an anchoring system to build deep foundations and are used in a variety of new ways.

Other than just anchoring down structures, large or small, they can be used to help secure fences deep into the ground, securing mounting brackets or help with installing boardwalks well above the normal water line.

  • PHE Luxwood Screw Piles is generally much quicker and far more cost-effective than other deep foundation solution.
  • PHE Luxwood Screw Piles are much easier to install than a conventional foundation; an ideal solution in wetland areas and confined spaces.
  • Unlike most other foundation methods, PHE Luxwood Screw Piles can also be removed and recycled with very little effort.

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We pride ourselves in producing quality products and services in a safe and compliant workspace.

Free Consultation

Free Consultation

Expert advice does not need to cost a fortune. Contact our friendly and reliable team to discuss your Kit Home needs further.



Our quick and efficient systems help you work through your deadlines. You’ll be amazed by what Luxwood can build in 24 hours!

Price Competitive

Price Competitive

Our improved building technology is an affordable solution that does not compromise structure stability and quality. Our Kit Homes are cost effective to many budgets.

Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

We continue to revolutionize and employ new building systems and products to provide effective modern solutions for your home.

LUXWOOD Certifications

We pride ourselves in producing original building solutions and beneficial materials that are tested and proven effective.

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